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DOXA Creators

Getting your creations to the world without giving up your rights, voice, and profit

     Since the earliest art forms, organizations, and cooperations have been in control of getting artist works into the world, however, this comes at a cost. In return, artist must give these organizations chunks of profits and their rights to controlling their art.

      The average author makes 5-20% from the profits of their own book! The average song writer makes 10-16% from the profits from their songs, and filmmakers have to go through the Hollywood machine to have any real chances for their movie to make money and get produced and when they do the average director only makes 5% of the movies overall profits.

       While these numbers seem unfair, they are not. The average artist does not have the upfront cost to get their works produced and they do not know how to get their work out into the world. Therefore, they rely on organizations to take the upfront cost and to produce and distribute their work.

      Also, with Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. demonetizing content like ours more and more we need a safe place to put our content that we can be bold without fear of suppression of our content and voice. 

     DOXA Creators exist exists to be a community of creators who's goal is to glorify Jesus in all our work. Educate artist on how to produce their works and distribute them by themselves. We have a way for you to sell prototypes, scripts, chapters, of your work to make money in order for you to afford the upfront cost of producing and distributing your art. 

It's time to give the artist the power they deserve. Let's eradicate the "poor artist" forever. It does not have to take decades to finally do what you love for a living. 

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