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Looking for theological trustworthy content that is easy to understand and is affordable? Click the button.

Dynamic writings for the new human experience

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   Are you looking for meaning and purpose for your life? Starting on the day Jesus walked out of his own tomb, there is a new life that is offered to every human being. However, why does it seem that this new life that Jesus promised in the scriptures is unobtainable by us today? DOXA is the greek word for God's tangible presence. God's DOXA has been revolting against chaos and darkness, beginning with creation and is still bringing chaos to order. Even though humanity chose chaos over God's order, God didn't leave us to suffer the consequences, but has been overturning our chaos bring new life.  


Even though my name is on this website, and my picture is on the right. No one wants a website about me. The only reason my name and picture are on this site is I represent a revolution that will bring vibrancy and beauty into your life. This is why I am not the only writer and creator on this site. My life's mission is to tell the greatest ever told. So rather than a clever name or slogan, I decided to just be me. What is this story me and my friends on this site are telling  telling? Hit the button below to find out.

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Christian content for everyone 

Faith-based content shouldn't be hard to understand or expensive. Trustworthy faith based content is often hard to find and when you find it, most of the time it's expensive.

We produce trustworthy, easily accessible, affordable content for everyone. 

If you like our free resources and want more, we offer premium content.

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Leading people to God's revolutionary presence through song. New Single Out Now. 

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