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From Genesis to Genetics: Correlating Biblical and Scientific Creation Stories

When entering this conversation we think God owed it to us to explain the creation in a way that would give us all the answers we desire. However, why are we so arrogant to think God owes us anything? Are we the epicenter of all human creation? Science will develop over time and then questions we are asking today will not be points of tension in a century from now? The entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation would have been explaining how God created the universe if He was going to answer all our questions about creation.

Therefore, we must realize that the Bible had an original audience that we have been engrafted into. Ergo, we must realize that the Bible was given to us with one goal, for us to know who God is. The questions we have today the original audience would not have been able to comprehend. The Israelites in the desert were not asking; how old is the earth, how was God involved with evolution, or when were the dinosaurs created? We must realize that the Bible was written to all humankind for all time to be able to come to know the character of God. Therefore, what is in the Bible is what we need to know about God and what everyone for all time needs to know about God.

Ergo, the Bible seemingly ignores our questions because the questions we are asking were not being asked thousands of years ago. We must realize that the universe does not revolve around us, science will clearly show you this. However, this all does not mean that we cannot answer our questions at least to the level of theory that science has come up with of how the universe was created. Out of all the theories I like the ideal-time theory the best. God created the universe in a literal 6-day period a relatively short time ago, but he created it like he created Adam and Eve as a mature universe that was in a mature stage of its life cycle. Do we think Adam and Eve were infants, do we believe the trees were created as seeds and Adam and Eve had to wait on the trees to grow? The answer to these questions is no.

Why Science says the universe did exist before 6,000 years ago because God called into existence a universe that was billions of years old. Science is not wrong in its finding of a much older universe because just as Adam and Eve were created in a mature part of their life cycle so was the world.

The reason I like this theory is because you can easily mesh anything science has to say about the creation of the world to this theory. According to how I interpret this theory The Genesis account this is how God called these things into existence, but the actual beginnings of this mature universe in which He created do not necessarily have to be in this order.

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