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How Olipop Broke The Conventual Model for Marketing

Olipop sells $20M a month selling healthy soda. Oh yeah, and they are only a 5-year-old company. In an industry that has two dominate forces, Coke and Pepsi, and an industry which has declined over the last decade because of the increase in health awareness. Olipop has defied the odds.

One of the major ways in which they did this is having influencers market their products. However, most companies give influencers a script which they must read. Olipop simply asked the influencers to include Olipop in the content in which they already create.

The lesson that all business owners can take from this is that our content needs to be more authentic and relatable rather than highly produced and polished.

Olipops rise to fame begs the question that most small business owners are asking. Do I need to hire an employee to do my marketing or do I get outside help like an agency?

Olipop did a mix of both. They had inside people posting on the Olipop social media pages, and other marketing avenues. However, the real driver of their rise to fame was the outside help of micro influencers.

Working with small businesses has shown me how many people try to sell them marketing services, often with dubious expertise. It's no wonder many owners end up hiring a family member or friend to handle marketing, rather than a "so-called" expert.

If you've tried hiring an agency with no results, you're probably skeptical of anyone claiming to be a marketing guru. Yet, you know marketing is crucial for growth, so you're caught between doing it yourself or hiring outside help.

Here is a simple guide to help you decide:

If you do not have any idea what you need for marketing your business and need a marketing strategy built from scratch, hire a marketing director. The downside to this is that most marketing directors/managers are going to be great at developing a strategy, graphic design, and posting on social media. However, they are going to need help with anything else. Therefore, with this option, eventually you are going to need outside help.

If you know what you are doing with marketing and just need someone to carry out your vision, then an agency is the best way to go. The pitfalls of this is that most agencies are very limited in personalization and use a cookie cutter graphics and just put your branding on them. Therefore, if you are looking for something very specific you will have to find an agency willing to do it or again find an individual who could carry out your vision.

A New Approach:

Many businesses want a more robust marketing service than what one or even two individuals can provide. That's why my agency offers a unique solution. We act as an extension of your team, attending meetings, collaborating directly, and creating a custom strategy tailored to your company.

We don't do cookie-cutter packages like most agencies. We're so confident in our results that we offer a guarantee: if we don't increase your online sales within 90 days, you get the next three months free.

Ready to Exceed Your Sales Goals?

Schedule a 30-minute call to discuss how we can help your business thrive. What have you got to lose?

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