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How to Onboard Employees Faster and Effectively

Updated: Jan 26

Most employers say that their onboarding process is 90 days. Why in the world would bringing someone into your company take 90 days if you're hiring qualified people?

Onboarding new employees cost company's up to $8,000 per new employee. The loss of productivity is 60% of this cost. Therefore, to save more than $4,800 you need to make your onboarding process more efficient so that new employees can become productive faster.

The main thing that frustrates new employees during the onboarding process and beyond is that they do not have access to everything they need and they do not know where to find vital information.

Using Google Drive and using the Groups feature makes sure that whenever a new employee is onboarded, no matter their position, you can make sure they automatically have access to everything they need. Find out how to use Google Groups to speed up your onboarding process and save 60% of the average onboarding cost.

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