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Outline of 2 Corinthians

I. Introduction: Greeting (1:1–2)

II. Relationship Between Paul and Corinthian Church

A. Thanksgiving for divine comfort and protection (1:3–11)

B. Explanation of Paul's failure to visit Corinth again (1:12–2:4)

C. Instruction to restore disciplined, penitent leader (2:5–11)

D. Inner description of Paul's ministry (2:12–6:10)

E. Plea for mutual affection and separation from unbelievers (6:11–7:4)

F. Joy over repentance by majority of Corinthian Christians (7:5–16)

III. Exhortation to Contribute to Collection for Jerusalem Church

A. Example of Christians in Macedonia (8:1–7)

B. Example of Jesus (8:8–9)

C. Ideal of equality (8:10–15)

D. Coming of Titus and others for collection (8:16–9:5)

E. Divine reward for liberality (9:6–15)

IV. Relationship Between Paul and Corinthian Church (Recalcitrant Minority)

A. Defense against charges of weakness (10:1–11)

B. Paul's rightful claim over Corinthians as converts (10:12–18)

C. Concern over false teachers at Corinth (11:1–6)

D. Refusal to take financial support (11:7–15)

E. Paul's pedigrees, visions, and suffering (11:16–33)

F. Paul's thorn in the flesh (12:1–10)

G. Apostolic miracles of Paul (12:11–13)

H. Impending visit, threat of harshness, and appeal for repentance (12:14–13:10)

V. Conclusion: Farewell Exhortations, Greeting, Benediction (13:11–14)

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