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Productivity Reinvented: Harnessing Google Drive and Microsoft 365 for Smarter Management

The cost of excess management in business across the U.S cost an accumulative $3 TRILLION. In the U.S company's average 1 manager per 4.7 employees. Funny thing is that number is very close to the recommended adult to child ratio for childcare facilities for children 2-5 years old.

Why are there as many managers per employees as there are adult to children in childcare facilities in America? Because the workflows in most businesses are slow and complicated. When the way things get done is complicated, it takes more people to make things happen.

How do we solve this excess of management? It starts with making our workflows less complicated and simplifying how things get done. How you do that is by making sure that there is a central place where data is stored, is accessible to those who need it, communication can happen quickly, and files and information can be shared.

For small businesses who do not have managers, simplifying your systems will enable you to wait longer until you need to hire more people overall.

Everyone can do that today by using Google Business Workspace or Microsoft 365. If you need help to implement the use of these tools in your business to save over $50,000 a year you can fill out this form. To do this yourself, you can start by reading the blog post linked below.


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