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ReThinking Christianity with John Gleason AKA the Godless Engineer

In this thought-provoking episode of the Doxa Podcast, your host Austin Glines sits down with John Gleason, better known as the Godless Engineer. John's journey from being a Christian to becoming an outspoken atheist content creator has been marked by deep introspection and critical examination of religious beliefs.

For many individuals on their spiritual journey, there comes a moment of questioning, a crossroads where faith meets skepticism. In John's case, this pivotal moment set him on a path towards atheism, sparking a passionate exploration of Christianity's claims and doctrines. While Austin and John have found themselves on different sides of the belief spectrum, their shared commitment to open dialogue and respectful discussion makes this episode a fascinating exploration of faith and skepticism.

During this conversation, Austin and John delve into the motivations behind John's decision to start creating content that critiques Christianity. They also explore the evidence and reasoning that underpin his atheist perspective. This podcast episode is not a debate; it's an opportunity to gain insight into the personal experiences and intellectual journey that have shaped John's beliefs and encouraged Austin to examine his own faith more deeply.

Whether you're a believer, an atheist, or somewhere in between, this episode of the Doxa Podcast offers a thought-provoking and respectful conversation that will inspire you to ponder your own spiritual journey and the evidence that informs your beliefs. Join Austin and John as they navigate the complex terrain where faith, doubt, and curiosity intersect, and discover the power of respectful dialogue in exploring life's biggest questions.

For more of John's content, visit his website

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