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(The Story) A Revolution to Lead

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Have you ever had a crush on someone who did not like you back or try to become friends with someone who did not want you to be friends with you? It’s the worst right? You feel like a desperate punk who no one likes. You try to get in the same groups of people with this person and sit at the same table as them and it almost feels like they are running from you—well that’s because they are. But as you are practically stalking this person you are trying to be in the right place at the right time to interact with this person in order to become friends. As I would do this (more times than I’d like to admit) I would be thinking, “Is this what my life has come to? Following people around awkwardly hoping I follow them around enough that they will like me and be my friend.

Sadly, this is the same way how many of us view our connection with God. We think that God is this extremely popular person who we can’t get into their inner circle. In order to try to become friends with God we try to go to church, do the right things, and be in the right place at the right time and hopeful we can encounter God. We feel as we are striving for a relationship with God but nothing is working and we feel as God is non-existent in our pursuit. We feel as we have been searching for God and he is no where to be found. It seems as we are living life trying to get God’s attention or find meaning in life to no avail.

Maybe, your search hasn’t been God but you have lived life trying to get rich, or have the perfect family, or have the most amazing job, or start the most influential business but it seems you are chasing an elusive ghost that cannot be caught and life has left you good as dead. You are left wondering what to do to make life bright and fun again. You feel as your on earth but it feels like the furthest thing from feeling alive.

Friends I have good news—the end of your search is closer than your next breathe. Whether you have been searching for God or simply just searching to feel alive the answer is easier than you have ever imagined. God has been speaking to you you’re entire life and He is closer than your skin but you just have not been in the proper mindset to hear Him. God has already delivered salvation and connection to all of creation but we must open ourselves up to God in order to hear Him, God will not force His was in, but at the same time He is relentlessly pursuing you.

We think we have to do something extremely special or spiritual to connect with God when in reality it is the easiest thing we will ever do! God is near and God has been looking to get into a relationship with you since before you were born. The one who created you designed you to have a relationship with Him and from the moment you came out of your mothers womb God has been trying to get your attention in order to have a relationship with you.

What we learn from the story of Adam and Eve's royal screw up, sets the precedent for the rest of the Biblical journey. God is going to be the one that chases after humanity— not the other way around. Even when humanity straight up rejects God, He will be there awaiting us to turn back to Him. This was a huge statement for God to make to the original audience because ancient religions were built around the mindset that humans had to chase down god and find their god. Where the language of finding/searching for God comes from is other ancient religions who actually had to search for their god because in ancient religions the gods were not easily accessible. The gods were confusing and you never knew what they were thinking so you always were doing rituals to make sure you stayed on the god’s good side Not so with the God we meet in Genesis 1 this God is a God who states that He will chase after humanity and gives us a clear path to follow Him. We have a God who runs to us not the other way around. God will not force Himself on us but rather waits for our choice to accept His love which he is offering to us constantly!

God had every right to strike down Adam and Eve when they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad because He promised that eating the fruit from that tree would result in death. God could have left us for dead and with no hope but the first thing God does after the tragic failure of Adam and Eve is proclaim that one day one of their descendant’s would crush the head of the serpent and restore life to all humanity.

Which if you read the rest of the Biblical story we discover that this snake crushing descendant is Jesus! God’s first response to our sin was not condemnation but hope. God is looking out for us and is for us not against us waiting to condemn us or punish us. God is looking to comfort us in our darkest moments and is with us. He is not a God who is not understanding of our pain but meets us in the middle of our pain and shows us a new reality that is found only in his Son Jesus. Jesus has launched an entire upheaval of the human experience as we know it and is welcoming everyone into this new way of being human.

I exist to help people tap into this revolution launched 2,000 years ago to live a life worth living. Join the Revolution by subscribing at the top right clicking the button that says join the revolution or scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page and subcribe.

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