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What do Business Owners Do On Memorial Day

Who’s working this memorial day?

Working is not a sign of irreverence or disrespect. Rather, we are continuing to build the very thing in which those brave men and women died – a better America.

In a country where the people hold the power, it is up to the people, not the government, to move America forward. Local businesses are the greatest expression of this. A business can be defined as a group of people in a community coming together with an idea, a vision, a goal, to serve their fellow citizens.

Small local businesses are the heartbeat of America and the weight of keeping this great country going falls to the small business owners. No amount of government programs can replace the role of local business. Small businesses make up 44% of the total economic output of the U.S, and are responsible for creating every 2 out of 3 jobs in the U.S.

Those stats are only the surface of everything a small business provides for America. Small businesses are where new ideas and products are created more so than in any corporation. Small businesses submit 16.5 times more patents per employee than large corporations and every one of the large corporations which have changed America and the world started as a small local business.

So small business owner, do not feel bad for keeping this great country moving today. You continuing to do your job is the most honorable thing you can do today for every fallen American soldier. Because of you they did not die in vain. Because of you, America lives on.

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