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IS AI Going to Take Away Marketing Jobs?

The rise of generative AI tools like ChatGPT have businesses asking, "Is my marketing team necessary? AI can do many of the task, or all of the task, that a marketing team does."

Before you go firing all of your marketing team to replace them with AI there are some things to consider! While AI can rapidly generate content, it often lacks the unique context, voice, and authenticity that truly engages audiences.

Tools like Loomly and Hootsuite have integrated AI to assist with caption creation, making it easier for those less comfortable with writing. However, the most successful social media posts today are personal and authentic, offering a glimpse into someone's life or business. This trend highlights the importance of storytelling and genuine connection over highly produced, generic content.

The Shift Towards Authenticity

The oversaturation of content has made professional-looking posts commonplace. As a result, the most engaging content is often lightly edited and focuses on authenticity. People crave real-world stories and are tired of being told how to live their lives by those with little real-world experience.

Personally, I've noticed this shift and am adapting my approach. As a marketer with four years of experience, I've had my share of failures and successes. I've realized that people want to see the real-life struggles and triumphs behind the scenes, not just the polished final product. That's why I'm trying to get better at documenting my journey and sharing the stories of successful businesses and individuals, focusing on their real-world marketing strategies and what set them apart.

AI's Impact on Marketing Jobs

AI will likely replace marketers who lack creativity and rely on regurgitating existing content. Marketing agencies with cookie-cutter approaches will also struggle to compete. However, marketers who can leverage AI for research and analysis, while still bringing creativity and unique storytelling to the table, will thrive.

In-house marketers with a knack for communication and storytelling, even without formal marketing experience, can use AI to create content that outperforms "professional" marketers. The key is to be willing to research, understand the company and industry, and adapt to create content that resonates with the target audience.

Using AI Effectively

The best use of AI in content creation is for research and analysis. It excels at identifying patterns in data and finding successful content trends. However, it struggles with more specific questions that require nuanced understanding.

The best way to create content with the help of AI is to give AI content that you have posted and tell it to create more post based on this post. Even better, give AI a blog or podcast transcript and tell it to create social media post from it. If you want to focus on a certain topic discussed in the blog or podcast, tell the AI that in the prompt.

The Future of Marketing

In the age of AI, ideas, creativity, and uniqueness are what will set brands apart. Generic posts created with simple AI prompts won't achieve the desired results. Businesses should expect more from their marketers, demanding unique content that tells a compelling story. Treat social media posts like TV episodes, each one revealing something new or reinforcing the brand's identity.

My Adaptation

To stay ahead of the curve, I'm focusing on honing my storytelling skills, using AI as a tool to enhance my research and analysis, and constantly learning new ways to connect with audiences authentically. I believe that by embracing both AI and human creativity, marketers can create truly engaging content that resonates with people on a deeper level.

Businesses who fail to tell their story and be personal will lose big time to those who take the time and tell their story.

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