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How to have hope in hard times

Why do people, good or bad, get what they do not deserve? It seems that bad people get good things happening to them and the good people receive bad things. Is it because everything happens by chance, or that God created the world and then pealed out? No.

It’s because evil has a foothold in the world as long as there are humans that sin on the earth. The Devil perverts God’s justice and brings confusion to humanity.

Luckily, Jesus came to earth and did the unthinkable. Jesus offered Himself up to be a victim of this perversion of justice. Jesus never sinned or fell victim to the Devil’s perversion until Jesus allowed death to overtake Him. Until Jesus offered Himself up as a blameless sacrifice.

Jesus took our place when we did not deserve it. Jesus got what He did not deserve, so we could get grace that we did not earn. We do not deserve our next breath. No matter how bad you think life is, we must be grateful. You could be dead. You are living a life many would kill to have.

When we feel something bad happens to us we did not deserve, we must remember that the Devil has been defeated. One day, Jesus will return to finish the job and eradicate death forever. What we can do right now is to be grateful and tell the message of Jesus’ sacrifice so we could be free from death, sickness, pain that we deserved.

This does not mean God as an inactive ruler right now. People see God as if He just created the world and then left us to fend for ourselves. When in reality, God has been working the entire time. God acts through His word. Even though humanity continually rejects God, He still is pursuing us. God has not given up on us. God is acting at this very moment.

Jesus is the word. Whenever God speaks, a part of Him is acting on it — His Son. Which is why Jesus came to earth as a human. In order to act on the promise of restoring the relationship between us and God, which we messed up. Then, after Jesus ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, God sent down the third person of the trinity—The Holy Spirit.

The. Holy Spirit’s role is to be the portal of Heaven that invades earth. Now the Jesus has opened up the way the Holy Spirit, which is now God’s personal presence, can live on the inside of followers of Jesus. Then, when Jesus comes back, He will complete the restoration work by defeating Satan once for all. Once Jesus cleanses the universe from evil, Jesus will establish a New Creation where heaven and earth are one.

God is not idly waiting for that moment, but we can access God’s future reality right now. If we feel like our life needs a change, we can put our hope in God’s word (Jesus), which opens up a new reality for us (through the Holy Sprit). We can step into the future reality of heaven while still being on earth. God’s word invades our world and sets up heaven right where we are.

Heaven is not a location or distant realm, but it is anywhere that Jesus is king. God is actively restoring the world through the Holy Spirit, and our lives can be restored through the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is up to us to open our lives to allow God’s word to take residence in our lives if we want God’s reality to become our reality.

How do we allow the Holy Spirit to transform us?

1. Fix your mind on God’s Word.

What we think of becomes our reality. If our minds are focused on our desires and wants, then we will not be sensitive to God speaking to us. Because God calls us to be selfless. God’s word identifies the things that we need to give over to God and then we allow the Spirit to transform that sinful part of our life, thoughts, or desires to look more like Him.

2. Spend intimate time with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit lives inside of us, but if we do not take the time to spend with the Holy Spirit, we will not know when God is trying to speak to us. Many people say they cannot hear God, and the main reason is that they do not spend adequate time listening to His voice in prayer.

The Holy Sprit can give you hope in any situation. When we allow the Holy Spirit to transform us when life gets hard, we have a comforter and a source of strength that will never run out.

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