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How to Live a Christ-Centered Life

For many Christians, not just leaders and missionaries, the danger of self-focus can divert our attention from the true purpose of our faith. The term "Christian Celebrity" highlights how easily anyone can shift from highlighting God's works to highlighting oneself. This isn’t just a challenge for pastors or missionaries, but for every believer.

When ordinary Christians place themselves at the center, their spiritual journey can take a detour. They might prioritize their own desires or accolades over the teachings of Christ. Such behavior can lead to seeking validation from peers rather than walking closely with God. Just as leaders might focus on empire-building, everyday Christians can become entangled in the worldly race for status and material success.

Similarly, if Christians, in their day-to-day lives, prioritize their comfort over the well-being of others, they can lose sight of Jesus' message of love, service, and sacrifice. Sharing testimonies, for instance, can easily slide from glorifying God's grace to showcasing one's own achievements if not approached with humility.

The central tenet remains the same for all followers of Christ, whether one is a pastor, a missionary, or an everyday believer: God should be at the heart of all we do. By placing Him at the center, our actions are more likely to reflect His love and teachings, leading us to serve others selflessly and walk in genuine humility.

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