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The Biggest Mistake that Christians Make

The biggest weakness of American Christians is their inability and unwillingness to listen to people who believe differently. We would rather tell people how to live and tell people what is right and wrong than listen to why they live and believe the way they do. The American Church, on average, is behind 15-20 years in how they operate. They are attempting to reach a world that no longer exists. They are answering questions that the world was asking 15 years ago and questions they have today we are ignoring or condemning them from even asking. This is why Christians seem like they are all boomers, no matter how old they are.

Rather than discussing why modern gender ideology is mistaken and discussing how it damages humanity rather than helps it, and God’s way is better, we simply condemn anyone who holds beliefs contradictory to our own on the matter. Therefore, we must learn to discuss with those who believe differently than us and ask questions and get to know why and how the world ‌thinks. If we continue to answer questions no one is asking and doing things that no one is impacted by the Church will continue to fade into irrelevance.

We have taught Christians that everything that the world does is bad, so hide from it. Christians have confused the mission and our methods. We need to do whatever it takes to fulfill the mission of making disciples. Our methods need to adapt to the world around us so that we can reach the world. How does every individual Christian begin to fulfill this mission? By listening to people who are not Christians. Find people who you would never talk to.

To have a discussion with those who believe differently than you starts with not trying to correct someone until you have developed a relationship with them. The church tries to argue with people that they have not developed a relationship with. We are so stuck up and think we are so holy that we can’t even build relationships with those who need us the most. The hurting, the broken, the confused. They are out there trying to figure all this out and need a safe place to ask questions and discuss what they are thinking, and the Church time and time again shows they would rather shout and put on a show than actually connect with people. It’s time we sit down with people without an agenda, and just listen. When we do this, we will understand the world and how we can package the gospel that will break through the noise.

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