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The double standard between the Bible vs. the rest of Ancient History

Most people do not spend time reading ancient history. What most people know about ancient history is from secondhand sources like their school history book. What these secondhand sources are is the modern historian's interpretation of the ancient documents in which originally recorded the events. Therefore, most people do not see how history during ancient times was truly recorded. In the ancient world, the assumption was that the gods were the cause of everything.

People often disregard history seen through the lens of religion, but this would mean throwing out all ancient history. Unlike with modern history, those recording it were not simply interested in offering an objective report on what happened. Those who recorded ancient history were trying to discern the activity of the gods through their recording of history. The deity was central to their history.

Israel's recording of history when looking at it objectively, it was the least biased. Most nations’ recording of history, if not all, was under the direction of the king of that specific nation. Therefore, painting the king in a favorable light was a high priority for those recording history at the time unless they liked imprisonment or death. Israel’s history is recorded mainly by people not in the king’s court. Therefore, they are very objective about the state of the country and the things that are happening. The reason historians do not appreciate Israel’s recorded ancient history is that it is impossible to just isolate the events that happened from God’s involvement in them.

Read my blog "The Historical Accuracy of the Bible" for more information on the Bible's accuracy and preservation.

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