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The Suffering King

Civil war raged across the mountainous island nation of Benji. The sitting government who was the self proclaimed Democratic saviors of Benji, who in reality ran the nation into the ground and the followers of the faithful king who the nation foolishly voted off his throne and he peacefully consented. But warned the nation that democracy does give power to the people for choice and to have self power but if those people are not careful they will slowly give that power away because of shrewd and wicked leaders and then they will become slaves. It is important to note that King Jireh never wronged the nation and lead for centuries upon centuries faithfully to the country but the people wanted to lead themselves like the other nations did. However, at the time the people did not realize that even though these foreign nations claimed to be lead by the people they were just lead by the powerful people. Which is what happened with Benji. Once King Jireh consented the throne to the new government which was lead by Athaliah. However, once Athaliah’s new government became established the rich and powerful quickly gained power and the poor were quickly made more poor. Because of the increasing gap in-between the rich and everyone else people clamored for King Jireh to take his throne.

Normally it would be too late. Normally a King who is voted out by the nation would not return to save those who voted him out. It was not like Jireh lost in battle, but the nation chose to remove him as king of Benji. Jireh saw the pain of his people and would not stand by as his people were enslaved and mistreated. However, rather than Jireh going out and leading the battles his son, Emmanuel went out and led the armies of Benji. Normally when we think of a king’s son we think of pampered as royalty but Emmanuel would live just as one of the commoners, really below the common as a poor person. Jireh did not give Emmanuel a free pass from pain and struggle from Emmanuel’s earliest years. When everyone else turned on king Jireh Emmanuel remained faithful. Even when many tried to persuade Emmanuel to join the crowed which raved for Athaliah. Emmanuel was not one to use his position as the king’s son to his advantage but rather, lived a life of generosity, kindness, and joy. Emmanuel enjoyed life to the full participating in wrestling and combat training from his earliest years and excelled. Emmanuel was knowledgeable about legislation and all things government from his childhood and especially as an adult.

Quickly once the war begun Emmanuel began gaining ground and taking back cities and regions from Athaliah but others were still for the leadership of Athaliah, particularly the more wealthy cities and regions.

Emmanuel led his main squad of twelve and his group was scaling the walls of once of the most fortified cities, which at the time Athaliah was visiting and giving a speech. The boarders were covered with red lizard like beings. They were about 6 feet tall and stood on two legs like a human and these lizards were not just there to look cool but they had extreme awareness and their claws could shoot poisonous darts at extreme lengths. Then hidden behind this first line of defense are small but vicious white foxes. They had fangs like a tiger they were known to eat their enemies as they are dying on the battle field. Emmanuel and the twelve were crawling up the wall on all fours when he motions ten of the twelve to go around to the back and when they hear the signal begin their attack. Which leaves two of the twelve to stay with Emmanuel. Emmanuel jumps up and immediately eliminates the guards with his battle spear. Emmanuel calls a storm upon the city and it begins a torrential down pour to where Emmanuel and the twelve could move throughout the city without being spotted. Emmanuel used his connection to the weather to blow guards out of their way and washes out barriers that were keeping them from reaching the city center where Athaliah was giving her speech. To promise protection and security to the nation of Aram. Athaliah and the nation leaders were in fear of losing power because Emmanuel and his followers were conquering cities and regions day by day that were once loyal to Aram. Emmanuel was threatening everything that Athaliah and the nation leaders have built and the city of Petra was a power center for the nation of Aram so it makes sense of why Athaliah would want to comfort those who live in Petra.

Emmanuel and the twelve navigate the city by the roof tops in the storm silently taking out any guards stationed along the way effortlessly. Emmanuel and the twelve reach the center square of Petra where in the middle of the city lays a massive indoor stadium. The stadium was 50 stories tall and covered a square mile. Emmanuel and the twelve are across the street from the employee entrance to the stadium. One of the twelve named Joash flew over to the stadium to scout it out and it was all clear. The twelve made their way across the street when about half way their a red lizard came and attacked Kobe, one of the twelve and immediately Emmanuel used his spear and threw the red lizard against the wall and silenced him and took his credentials to get into the stadium unnoticed. Once Emmanuel and the twelve entered they made their way to the stage entrance where Emmanuel goes through and waltzes onto the stage. As Emmanuel turns the corner and becomes visible to the crowed Athaliah locks eyes with Emmanuel and everyone could sense the fury which lit inside Athaliah. She was about 5’7 soft olive skin, very athletic greek goddess like build with straight black hair that was just below her shoulders. Her eyes were green and were oval shaped. Athaliah was attractive and crafty with words and could normally win over any man within minutes but Emmanuel seemed unfazed by her charm and saw right into the inner darkness.

After a moment of silence as the tension built Athaliah asked, “What brings you here tonight Emmanuel?”

“Well, I heard you and were in the area and I happened to be strolling by.” Emmanuel smirked.

“Oh really?” Athaliah said sarcastically.

Emmanuel responded, “I thought we might as well have a little chat. Why continue to keep our nation divided? We establish a new government under the headship of Jireh and we can be at peace.”

The crowd began to whisper questioning the leadership of Athaliah and wondering if it would be the right choice to follow Emmanuel because they have heard off all the great things he has done.

Athaliah drew her sword and stepped forward chest to chest with Emmanuel and proclaimed, “Never. We the people will the power and not give it up to a tyrant who is simply looking to give glory to himself. But what if we joined forces Emmanuel, everything that is written about you I could make come true. You could have true power, un-chained from the authority of your Father you could truly be King not only of Benji and Aram but of the world!”

Emmanuel staying calm and confident not flinching and inch said, “Do you really think that Jireh is the tyrant in this situation, even though that Jireh is king the poor, the marginalized were always taken care of, social classes didn’t even exist because everyone understood that humanity rises and falls together. You pitted humanity against each other, promising power that was not yours to give and power you have no intentions on giving away. You promise you are releasing power to the people when in reality you are a snake sizing up its prey ready to squeeze the life out of these people and take all their power. Jireh is KING!” Then turned around and headed off stage. Athaliah ordered her guards to restrain Emmanuel and back stage a slew of guards met him but without being touched Emmanuel slide through the herd of guards and went back to the city of Zion with the twelve. Except for one who’s name was Bortua. Bortua was a intelligent business man who was looking to get into the power ranks of Athaliah seeings that the way of Emmanuel was not one to get rich but rather one of self sacrifice. Bortua waited for Athaliah to leave the gathering outside the stage exit and stopped her and she reached for her sword and Bortua said, “What would you give to the one who turned him over to you?”

Athaliah shocked smiles and steps towards him and strokes his face and gets real close looking him dead in the eyes says, “one billion dollars and extreme favor.” Bortua sat their for a few moments gazing at the beauty of Athaliah and responded, I’ll do it, first the money. She had one of her servants hand him a platinum coin and astonished

Bortua says, “Meet me at the outskirts of Zion near the garden of Dakka.” Tonight at midnight. Bring a lot of men, do not go for Emmanuel go for the entire nation. Bring everything you’ve got.

As Emmanuel and the eleven others are journeying back Ahaziah one of the group ask Emmanuel where is Bortua? Emmanuel says, he is doing what he is meant to. Now you focus on the task ahead tonight will be a grand night. When they get back to Zion Emmanuel enters the throne room before Jireh and bows down as he is having cold sweats in great distress looks at Jireh,

Emmanuel cry’s out, “Is there any other way?”

Jireh answered, “For us to bring judgement yes, but it will come at the cost of all of those we rule and we do not rule yet.They do not deserve to live and the time to pay the price of treachery has arrived. Athaliah is coming and if you do not do what you know you have to do, it will be a blood bath with no survivors.”

Emmanuel weeping at the battle to come gets up looks at his father smiles as tears stream down his face and walks out and before he walks out the door he turns and looks at Jireh and says, “Then I will do what I must.” Then walks out the door with determination and confidence.

Athaliah rushes to the capital of Aram which is Gilgamesh and rallies the entire army of Aram. 1 billion beings in all and marches to Zion and surrounds it. The army of Aram is filled with red lizards, nephilim, white foxes, black bears and humans. While the army of Benji is 2 billion beings consisting of cherubim of all kinds, silver wolves, arch centaurs with wings, black skin and fur carrying weapons of all kinds, and humans, along with angels of all kinds but Emmanuel all alone as his heart pounds out of his chest steps off his cherubim which was a lion’s head, a white horses body, with wings like an eagle. Then walks towards Athaliah and stops in the middle of the Garden of Dakka the in-between of Zion and the army of Athaliah as none of the twelve are with him they are all near the back of the battle lines cowardly hiding from the brute of the battle. Then Bortua emerges from the army’s of Aram and Emmanuel looks at him with such compassion that it crushes Bortua to the point where he takes off and one of Athaliah’s guards catch him and hold him hostage to watch the scene and Emmanuel says, “Lets not take the lives of all creation on this battle field, there has been enough blood shed. Take me.”

Emmanuel drops his spear and strips off his armor and Athaliah takes her whip and orders her guards to tie down Emmanuel and Emmanuel allows them and Athaliah whips Emmanuel in front of both armies 39 times. Whips of metal spikes Emmanuel’s mother Devorah weeps at the sight as she trembles crying out for Jireh to intervene. A darkness covered the land, Athaliah’s guards take Emmanuel to the Hill of the Skull where all executions are held throughout the land of Benji. Bortua grieving over what he had done goes to Mount Zoraida and jumps from the top and lands in the jagged rocks and dies.

On the way the guards of Athaliah rip the clothes off Emmanuel and dress him in a purpose robe and a crown of roses (with the thorns in the stems) and press it down on his down on his head. Emmanuel is shown to the world on top of the hill as the defeated king the suffering king who chose to die rather than allowing the lives of his subjects to be taken, even though they deserved it and Emmanuel remained faithful and blameless. There was only one of the twelve present his name was Patmos and Emmanuel looks him in the eyes. Patmos sees the fire and love still burning bright. There is no bitterness or anger in Emmanuel’s eyes, even though he was being tortured and humiliated Emmanuel’s were filled with love and sorrow but not for himself but for others. Then the guards of Athaliah took Emanuel and tied him to a tree by his arms from the highest branch. As Emmanuel hung on that tree they hurled insults at him. He hung in humiliation as they cast lots for his remaining clothing. Then after nine more hours of hanging from the tree bleeding from all the torture experienced. Athaliah got up took her swords and stabbed him in the stomach allowing him to bleed out.

Athaliah turned to the crowd and a deafening roar arose as a chant of victory for Aram. The people of Zion rallied to Athaliah and they marched back to the Gilgamesh to establish Aram as those one true nation.

Liam, one the nations leaders who believed in Emmanuel stayed and took the body of Jesus down and laid it in the tomb for the king of Benji, never before used because Jireh has always been king and Jireh will never die. The tombs emptiness was a testament to the eternal nature of Jireh. But now Emmanuel has died. They sealed the tomb up Devorah wept along with Iva, and Micah. For these women followed Emmanuel all the days of his life and leadership. The followers of Emmanuel went into the inner city of Zion knowing that Athaliah would come looking for them soon to extinguish the light of Emmanuel. They spent the following day preparing to go into hiding to start a new life. Athaliah and the kingdom of Aram rejoiced at the victory that Saturday as they planned for Sunday to go conquer Zion and all of Benji.

Kobe one of the twelve grieved the death of Emmanuel, he did not think about what was next, he as paralyzed at the thought of living life without Emmanuel. The last three years following Emmanuel changed everything and now, Emmanuel is gone.

Sunday morning the sun began to rise and Devorah, Micah, and Iva went to the tomb of Emmanuel to embalm the tomb with perfume when they arrive they realize the tomb was wide open. Devorah furious rushed in to see what happened and the body was gone. Devorah said to the others, “Aram has came and stole the body to gloat.”

Just as she said that a man in a simple work tunic with a hood walked out and Devorah thinking it was gardener called out, “Sir do you know where they have taken him?”

Then the man looked up and began to walk towards Devorah and just as Devorah began to call out again the man says, “Devorah”

Then immediately Devorah recognized the voice and shouted, Emmanuel, is not dead, he has risen! Then Emmanuel said, go tell the others. Then before them, he disappears and Devorah, Iva, and Micah run from the tomb astonished and trembling.


What this story is meant to do is tell the heart of the gospel message, by no means is this meant to be a perfect parallel. What this story shows us is that humanity chose to try to govern itself but in that effort their power was stripped away from them and there were those who used power to beat down others to get to the top. Rather than experiencing freedom to rule on our own terms humanity enslaved themselves to the powerful few. Those who were able to make it to the top and then use the power they gained to stay in power rather than liberate their follow humans.

Jireh (God the Father) was always in control, and God had a plan to restore humanity back under His full authority just like they were in the garden of Eden. God never left his throne as we see Jireh still sitting on the throne in Zion representing that in the story. The civil war conflict is a representation of the world, not God struggling to keep power but rather earth is the battle field and humanity can choose what they will experience the victory of God or the death of Satan. God is more powerful as the story depicted the army of Benji being double the size of the army of Aram. However, because there was a price to be paid for our sin Jesus sacrificed himself and paid that price rather than us paying for our own sin. By trying to fight the battle against sin. The law provided a way for us to fight sin and be God’s people but the Old Testament shows us that no matter how morally good we can be and how well we follow the law, we cannot overcome sin, that is why we needed Jesus to give us a new life, God’s own life, so we could die to sin and become alive to God.

Jesus faced our grief, our pain, our suffering head on and overcame it without succumbing to it. The allure of the promise of personal glory and fame did not phase Jesus when He could have had the same thing. This is shown in the story by the encounter of Emmanuel and Athaliah when she offers him to rule by her side, the betrayal by one of his close friends and when Emmanuel was in distress before he sacrificed himself contemplating whether he was going to go through with the task. But through all the struggle Jesus did not bow down to the temptation of self preservation but gave his life for us!

Jesus rising from the dead shows us that He has overcome the enemy once for all and now empowers us through His Holy Spirit us to share that He is alive and there is new life available for all who believe that Jesus is the risen king of the world. The choice is yours what you do with that mission. Why the story ended at Emmanuel telling the women to go tell the others is because what you do with the gospel message decides how your life is effected by the gospel message. Will you go tell others about the new life available through Jesus, or will you continue to live in comfort and obscurity never living the life that God has for you?

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