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Political Parties and Cults: How are the two similar?

The relationship between religion and politics is a thinner line than one might assume. While we do not live in First Century Rome, where they believed the emperor was a deity and we live in a “post-modern” world. Politics arguably is more religious than ever.

Why I say this is that across the world the divide between conservatives and progressives is becoming severely bitter. This is because both sides' ideologies are not simply political, but intertwined with who the individuals which align with each political party are. For example, for abortion for one side they are defending the religious right to life for the unborn child, while the other is defending their belief for the right to one's body. While one roots their belief in a formal religion and the other does not, does not make the progressive stance any less religious. 

While each side tries to paint the other side as less intelligent or as bad people, neither side is not worse than the other. Each side is defending what they believe is moral and right. Each side when you listen to them as a convincing argument for their stance. However, the frightening thing is that each side cannot see the facts the other sees, because they are so entrenched in their own side.

The separation between church and state does not stop each side from becoming so devoted to their political party as much as one is devoted to religion as being a Muslim or Hindu. Each side believes that their side is defending the good of the world and society while the other threatens the very existence of society. The stakes are as high as one going to heaven or hell. The consequence of believing in the other side or not complying with either belief leads to societal collapse.

The danger of a government where the power is in the hands of the people is that governmental issues are seen as on everyone’s level and that everyone is qualified to deal with them. However, people who are talented leaders can sway public opinion and create ideological groups that, as we see can be worse than a cult. 

This is why Christians were persecuted in the first century. Because their self awareness through Jesus threated the societal norm. This is why they were made enemies of the state because the government and the pagan temples were one. Therefore, if you abstain from pagan worship, you are abstaining from participating in society itself. 

When Political ideologies are not seen as separate from one's life, but as a vital part, where is the line between politics and religion? If you will center your life on these ideologies, and actively deny that there is another kind of thinking that maybe correct, then what makes political parties different from cults? 

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